Beer Quest  Beer Quest



The craziest quest! You will be finding different bars in the streets of Madrid. In every bar you will get a free beer!

The funniest plan for bachelor, bachelorette and mixed parties in Madrid. 3 Bars, 4 beers, 1 game !! In each bar, you will be given one drink per person,  two in the case you get the third bar. You can choose between beer, wine or soft drinks. To find the next bar, we will give you another hint.The game is played through an internet link in which we will propose different fun and simple tests that have to be completed to find the next bar on the tour. We will only tell you where to start, the rest is up to you.

per person starting at
1.5 -2 H.




This original, fun and budget-friendly beer quest is the perfect complement to any party, and one of our most enjoyed activities!

Activity description: Beer quest

Location: Atocha/Lavapiés.

Schedule: shifts every half hour from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Length: 2 hours

Price: 16,5€ per person if you hire more than one activity with us if you only book this activity the price will be 18,5€ per person. 

additional information:

- Groups from 4 people

- To carry out this activity, you will need a phone with an internet connection

-  You will be alone throughout the whole activity. No instructor. you will be your judge.

- Theme: Group games for bachelor´s parties


BIG has designed an original and fun beer quest in the centre of Madrid for you. This is one of the most enjoyed games at bachelor´s parties. This entertaining activity consists of finding hints and taking challenges to find the bars where you will get your rewards.... drinks! This game is really easy, but we have added the exciting effects of beers which make this quest even more fun to play!

How does the game work?

The week of the event we will provide you with the address of the first bar where you will start the game, in order to make it easier. Once you get there, you will get your first drink. You can then start to play by entering the link that we will previously send you. In this link, you will find the instructions to play the game, pass the test and get your rewards: one drink for each of you! the length of the activity is up to you since there will not be an instructor controlling the time. However, it takes near 2 hours to get it completed.

In this beer quest, you will have to find 3 bars. In each of them you will have to follow the previous steps: pass the challenge, get the address of the following bar, and finally win your prize.

Important! Don´t forget you have 4 drinks, 1 in the first bar, 1 in the second, and 2 in the last one. The drink has to be chosen by each of you, this hasn´t to be the same, you can also ask for a glass of wine or even a soft drink if beer is not for you, whatever you prefer!

What is included?

- A game full of fun activities

4 beers, glasses of wine or soft drinks per person (important, one drink in the first bar, another in the second and two in the third).

The challenges

- Rosco "pasapalabra"

- "Lo sabe no lo sabe".

- "Trivial"

- Photographic gymkana

- Choreography.

- and much more!

Add more activities to your pack:

The beer quest is the perfect activity to combine with any other, that is why we have different packs, as an idea, to guide you when celebrating a fun and quality bachelor´s party.

Even so, if you prefer, you can also create your personalized pack, you just have to consult us and we will help you design it.



How long does it take to complete the activity?

This game is played without monitors, so you have to manage your own time. the length of this game will depend on how quickly you solve the challenges and take the drinks. However, it usually takes up to 2 hours to complete the game.


What is the schedule?

In general, except for exceptions unrelated to BIG, shifts take place every half hour, from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, every day of the week!


Do I need to take any transport to go from one bar to another?

No, the bars that you are going to be visiting are all located around Atocha-Lavapiés, nearby one of the other, so you can walk there without having to take the metro or bus.


Are there any physical activities?

No, there isn't any physical activities. It is also suitable for pregnant women. The challenges we propose are fun in order to spend time with your friends.


Do we need to bring something to play the game?

Yes, you will have to bring a phone with an internet connection as we will send you a link to the virtual game, in order to play the game.


How many drinks are included?

4 drinks per person. 1 in the first bar, 1 in the second and 2 in the third.


What if I don't like beer?

Don´t worry, if you are not a beer lover you can also participate in this game. When ordering drinks you must indicate whether you prefer a glass o wine or any other soft drinks.

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Games, beer and dinner package for bachelor parties in Madrid
per person starting at
91.5 € 

Beer Quest + Escape Game + Themed Dinner pack

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