A crazy quest! You will be finding different bars in the streets of Madrid. In every bar you will get a free beer!

3 bars, 4 beers, 1 game!!
In each bar we will give you one consumption per person and another quest to find the next bar.
We will only tell you where to start and the rest is up to you.

per person starting at
1.5 -2 H.

Big Eventos designed this new and fun way to do a pub crawl through the centre of Madrid. You will need all your tracking skills, instincts, orientation and especially your beer drinking skills. An entertaining game with many quests and assignments with as the final goal to find the four bars.

The level of difficulty will be similar during the whole game, but the element of drinking will certainly make it more interesting at the end. The quest will take place in the area Lavapiés, which is one of the fashion areas of the Spanish capital.

You will go directly to the first bar where you will drink the first beer. There you will also receive an envelope with the instructions for your first test. When you overcome this test, you will receive the next clue which will lead you to the second bar.
 To reasch the second location you will have to decipher a series of urban hieroglyphics.
 The third quest is an orientation test, you will have to discover some important places in this area and meanwhile we will give you some funny tasks.
 For the last beer will be earned by a photo challenge.
 There is no minimum or maximum number of participants, the goal is to enjoy as much as possible and having an excuse to drink.


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