Help our investigators find the murderer of Mr. Valdés.

The gymkana will revolve around a murder that you will have to solve working as a team. To solve this game, you will have to walk through the streets of Madrid solving enigmas, getting clues and overcoming the difficulties that will come your way. Will you be able to go all the way and find the guilty?

per person




This mysterious gynkana of intrigue and suspense through the streets of Madrid has its starting point in Tirso de Molina and ends in Tribunal. For 90 minutes you will have to walk the streets of the city, passing different challenges and finding the clues that will help you solve the plot that will accompany you throughout the game.


Activity description: Mystery Gymkhana

Location: downtown Madrid.

Schedule: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Length: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Price: € 20 per person.

Additional Information:

- The group must have at least 9 members.

- Metro ticket is not included in the price of the activity.

- OFFER: If you are more than 15 people, 1 of the group members participates for free.



Despedidas BIG allows you to participate in this activity, whose plot will turn you into real detectives since you will be responsible for finding the author of a crime. You will have to solve different challenges and riddles, while you go through the streets of the city, on foot or by public transport. Different mysteries will mark the way for you and you will find different scenarios and carry out activities that will allow you to find the keys to solve the case.


What is the plot of the game?

Mr Valdés has been found dead after giving a party at his mansion. The venue was fully guarded and it can be confirmed that no one entered or left there during the party, so one of the guests is the perpetrator of the crime.

The suspects appear in a photo that Mr Valdés took of his guests, so to find out who of all of them is the murderer, you will have to find different clues and discard the possible suspects until you find the culprit.

At the end of your investigation, you will have to make an accusation, taking into account the different evidence that you have been finding. If this accusation is correct, you will win the game!


What includes?

- Game of clues and tests.

- 1 Actor (if it is a very large group there will be two actors).

- 1 person will be free if you are more than 15 people.


Type of evidences:

- Puzzles.

- Enigmas.

- Games of balance, mimicry, singing, orientation ...

- Interaction with pedestrians.

- And much more!



Would there be a possibility to do the activity in English?

Yes, as long as the monitor who guides the activity has availability for the requested date and time, contact us!


Where does gymkhana begin and where does it end?

The gynkana begins in the Tirso de Molina area and ends in the Tribunal area.


Do you need to take some kind of transport to go from one spot to another?

Yes, one of the routes will have to be done by metro. The ticket price is not included in the game.


Are there any physical challenges?

The gynkanas is composed of different tests in which you will have to apply logic and common sense, it also includes some skill tests, but do not worry, you will not have to perform physical activities as such.


Do we need to bring something to play the game?

No, but we recommend avoiding high-heeled shoes and wearing comfortable shoes since you will have to do the tour on foot.


Can minors participate?

Yes, but the activity must be led by adult people who take responsibility for the group.

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