Bullfight + Lunch + Paintball with 200 balls + Quest + BBQ dinner + 1 free drink in a night club

    The total package. Full day in Navalcarnero, 15 minutes from Madrid.
    Paintball with 200 balls, Choose your own time.
    1 hour bullfight after the lunch with open bar.
    Paella or BBQ dinner with open bar of beer and sangria.
    After dinner a quest with the other groups.
    Night club with 1 free drink by choice.

    per person



    • Paintball + Lunch + Bullfight + Dinner in Navalcarnero imagen 1
    • Paintball + Lunch + Bullfight + Dinner in Navalcarnero imagen 2
    • Paintball + Lunch + Bullfight + Dinner in Navalcarnero imagen 3


    A farm in Navalcarnero, 15 minutes from Madrid is completely prepared for bullfights in which you will participate, games and quests, archery, human table football, inflatable volleyball, inflatable horse racing, bull riding and paintball.

    Paintball with 4 different fields. 200 balls. Each refill costs € 6,-
    Possible start: 10:00 11:30 13:00 16:00 17:30 19:00 o’clock

    Bullfight at 14:00 or at 19:00.
    The bullfight is together with other groups and includes open bar with wine + soft drinks.

    Free quest at: 16:00 or 20:30
    The quest consists of classic games: Strip Rope egg ball, sack races, etc.. It will be held along with other groups that are in the farm at this day. Very funny.

    Dinner will be at 22:00 o’clock consisting of a BBQ with free sangria and beer. You can eat a drink as much as you can.

    The night club is located in the same farm and will be open till 3:00 o’clock in the morning.
    Other possibilities:
    - Games and different sports with inflatable’s. € 30 per person.
    - Private shuttle bus from Madrid centre. Approximately € 180-200 in total.
    - Accommodation on the farm with breakfast € 25,- (very few places) or € 30 for a hotel.
    - Possibility to bring your own drink and ice. We will provide refrigerated cabinets so you can keep the ice and drinks cool: € 10 per person.

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