Takeshi´s Castle + Paintball or Fugitive gymkana+ Food+ Karaoke-dinner and drinks

The most fun plan in Navalcarnero! An original Takeshi´s Castle circuit,  paintball or a gymkana style scape room, BBQ food or paella, and dinner with karaoke animation and party. In addition, the menus include an open bar of beer, sangria and soft drinks. And, after dinner, we invite you to a drink. What else could you ask for?

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We bring you one of the most completed and fun plans we have on our ranch for bachelor and bachelorette parties in Navalcarnero. A whole day in the countryside where you can play paintball or perform an outdoor escape room-style gymkana and continue the fun with a Takeshi´s Castle session. Lunch and dinner with an open bar of beer and sangria. And, to end the day, a party area in the property's disco with a drink included.

Are you missing it?


Pack´s description: Activities and karaoke dinner

Location: very close to Navalcarnero.

Schedules: You can choose the shifts that best suit you as long as there is availability at the time of booking.

There are shifts both in the morning and in the afternoon.

BBQ meal or paella: 3:00 p.m.

Dinner with a special menu and karaoke animation: 10 pm.


Paintball: 90 minutes approx.

Gynkana Fugitives: 75 minutes approx.

Takeshi´s Castle: 3 hours.

BBQ meal or paella: 1 hour.

Dinner with a special menu and karaoke animation: 2 hours.

Price: € 139/ person

Additional Information:

- The pack is available every Saturday.

- Minors are not allow to access the farm except for exceptions (ask us).

- Minimum groups of 6 people.

- Hours to be agreed except for lunches and dinners, which are always at 3 pm and 10 pm, respectively (except for occasional changes).


The farm is located just 40 minutes by car from the centre of Madrid and is suitable for multi-game days in a natural environment full of fun and partying.

It is a perfect place to celebrate fun and original bachelorette, bachelor or mixed parties. Great atmosphere, you will be your friends and family and we guarantee that you will not have time to get bored.

Activities pack and karaoke dinner in Navalcarnero guaranteed fun!

The pack includes:

Paintball 200 balls or Gynkana Fugitives (scape room exterior)

Yellow humour

BBQ food or paella

Dinner with a special menu and karaoke animation with a drink



How is it played?

You will experience a different way of competing on an outdoor battlefield. We have four different scenarios to get into the role and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

A monitor will explain all the security measures and how the activity works.


You will participate in three game modes:

- Capture the Flag

- King's protection

- Fire at will


Each participant will have full equipment:

- Bow

- Marker

- Overalls for girls

- 200 refill balls


*It is advisable to wear a cap to use it as a visor and protect the neck. Gloves are not rented.



What does it consist of?

This activity has recently been incorporated into the farm's games catalogue. This is an outdoor escape game in which for 75 minutes you will have to solve different tests to escape from your "prison".

Your group has been captured by a famous drug cartel and will use you as a bargaining chip with the government. You will be forced to perform forced labour and your objective will be to flee from that hell discovering the way to escape from the refuge. A famous drug cartel has captured you as a bargaining chip with the government. They will force you to do forced labour and your objective is to flee from that hell by discovering the way to escape from the refuge. Do you dare?



Have you ever wanted to see if Takeshi´s Castle is as fun as it seemed? Now you can. It won´t surely disappoint you. It is one of the most popular and common activities for bachelors parties held on the farm.

How does it work?


 A circuit with several very fun and original activities:

- Burgers.

- Wipe Out games

- Wake up and jump.

- Gladiator fight.

- Bungee race.

- Human Table football.

- Barrels.

- Inflatable Volleyball.

- Sumo wrestling.



At 3:00 p.m. you can enjoy a delicious barbecue or paella with an open bar of sangria and beer. In the end, you can continue with the celebration and contracted activities.

All members of the group must take the same menu: BBQ or paella.



At 10 pm you will have a delicious menu prepared to regain the strength lost in the tests and prepare for the fun to continue. We have an open bar of beer and sangria to quench your thirst during dinner. Do not stop the party!

In addition, during dinner, you will have a presenter who will play karaoke games, jokes, competitions between the tables ... Fun is 100% guaranteed! In the end, you can dance until the end of the farm with the rest of the groups. (2.30 a.m)

*The closing hours and regulations of the farm are subject to anticovid restrictions.


Dinner includes:

Dinner with a special menu:



Iberian wheel: Chorizo, tenderloin, salami, ham.

Special cut with Georgian Potato Garnish

Chocolate cake

Open bar of beer, sangria, soft drinks and water during dinner


A very complete package that will make your party unforgettable!


Additional Information:

- The game modes of paintball, fugitive gymkhana and Takeshi´s Castle activities may vary from time to time.

- Paintball and gymkhana are played outside, but the yellow humour will be played inside a ship.

- The BBQ or paella food will be the same for the whole group, as well as the dinner menu.

- Transport by bus: you can hire a round trip transport from the centre of Madrid to get to and from the farm. Vehicles and prices vary depending on the size of the group.


What is the minimum number of people to be able to book this pack?

To be able to book this activity pack at Finca de Navalcarnero, you have to be at least a group of 6 people. If you are fewer, ask us.


Can we change the activities of the pack?

Sure! The activity packages are ideas that we give you, the most reserved. However, if you want to change the activities or add others you can do it without a problem. You will simply change the budget amount.


Can minors go?

The Navalcarnero farm is an exclusive activity centre for bachelor or bachelorette parties. However, there are dates when other types of events are allowed, as well as the attendance of minors. It is important to consult us when making the reservation.


We have people in the group with intolerances and allergies, can the menu be modified?

We can adapt the menu for all those people who have allergies or food intolerances. We need you to tell us at the time of confirming the reservation. We also have a menu for celiac, vegetarian or vegan people.


What kind of clothes do we have to bring?

You can wear whatever clothes you want, but we recommend wearing comfortable clothes to carry out the activities.


Can we go in disguise?

Of course! We recommend that you wear a comfortable and easy-to-remove costume in case it bothers you when playing the games.


What kind of show is there during dinner?

It is a themed dinner with karaoke animation. There is a presenter-entertainer who will play games between the tables, competitions, jokes ... A very fun evening!

And if you want to celebrate a complete farewell, and full of fun, combine this activity with one of the more than 100 options that we offer on our website. A wide variety of activities at the best price. Multiadventure for farewells, Gymkhana of reeds, Escape games ... and much more!


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