Combine the best activities for a farewell in this Party Pack.

Live a complete and unique bachelor/ bachelorette party with our pack: Beauty Party & Gynkana & Themed dinner & Disco. Start the day with a beauty session. Next, you will perform a fun spicy gymkana in three locations in the Chueca area. The celebration continues in one of our restaurants with shows of all kinds and for all tastes. Dinner and party until dawn in one of the best nightclubs in the city. 

per person starting at




Despedidas BIG proposes a mixed plan for the celebration of your farewell. Relax and party in the same pack! An ideal proposal for those groups that want to start the farewell by relaxing and then enjoying the funniest activities in Madrid to the full. With this package, you can indulge yourself in one of our beauty parties. The party will then continue with a hilarious and original spicy gynkaña in the Atocha-Lavapiés neighbourhood. Next, the highlight of the party: a dinner show with varied shows and entrance to a disco.

What more could you want?


Description of the activity: Party Pack

Location: Madrid city center.

- Beauty Party: Near Metro Pueblo Nuevo.

- Spicy Gynkana: Chueca neighbourhood.

- Themed dinner: different locations depending on the chosen restaurant.


- Beauty Party: Saturdays in the mornings or afternoons.

- Spicy Gymkhana: Shifts available from 4:30 pm to 6.00 pm.

- Themed dinner: 9 or 9.30 pm depending on the chosen restaurant.


- Beauty Party: 2 hours and a half approximately

- Spicy Gymkhana: 2 hours approximately.

- Themed dinner: from 21 / 21.30 to 00.00 approx.

Price from: 

- Groups of more than 7 people: 102€ per person

- Groups in between 4 and 6 people: 107€ per person

Additional Information:

- It's necessary for the beauty party to be 4 people minimum and maximum 12 people

- In the gynkana you can have a beer, wine or soft drinks. Includes one erotic waffle and 2 drinks. It is necessary to carry a mobile phone with an internet connection to be able to carry out the tests. This activity is carried out with an app

- After the themed dinner you are invited to enjoy the disco until the wee hours of the morning.



Beauty party


This is one of our most reserved activities for bachelorette parties. It is the perfect occasion for you to start your bachelorette party day feeling beautiful. This activity focuses on discovering the secrets of makeup, and how to adapt it to each of you. You will also be given a master class in skin care. All this washed down with a glass of champagne to toast.

This beauty party is an auto make-up course where a professional will guide you throughout the process, will give you tricks so you can repeat it at home and you will learn in a dynamic and fun environment. You will discover if the products you use in your daily life are the right ones for your skin tone or type, if you apply them correctly, and much more! 

In addition, the experience includes as a facial treatment before starting the makeup: 

- Mask

- Facial cleansing

- Toning 

- Moisturizing



After the beauty party session, the fun will begin. In the Chueca neighbourhood, you will perform an original spicy gymkhana. It is not a normal gynkana, but in this, in addition to performing different challenges, you will have a very special reward: an erotic waffle on the first location, and a beer, wine or soft drink in the other 2 locations.

With this activity, you will put your humour and creativity to the test. You will be the centre of attention of all passers-by!

This game does not include an instructor, you will be guided by the instructions you will receive in an app you would have to have downloaded previously... So you can set your own pace and enjoy your reward without rushing. Usually, the groups need 2-3 hours to finish it.

We will meet you at the first location and the activity will begin there where you will get your first reward, an erotic waffle. The tests are carried out through an app, so you have to carry a mobile with an internet connection. All tests and tracks are fun! You will take photos, you will sing, you will interact with people ... And above all, you will laugh a lot!

The price includes 3 rewards in total per person: 1 erotic waffle, and 2 drinks in each of the other bars.



You will end the celebration in style by enjoying an original and special themed dinner in one of our restaurants with shows for farewells. We have many and for all tastes!

We recommend the next theme restaurant, it is the most reserved one!


Tu Gran Noche Restaurant: In this restaurant you will find amazing shows, games, choreographies and loads of music. Includes free entrance to the nightclub. Party and dinner at the same place!.

You can select the thematic restaurant that you like the most. Ask us to find out the options available for the date of your event.

After dinner, costumes are not allowed in the disco. We recommend that you bring something to change and leave it in the closet.


Total Price Pack:

- Groups of more than 7 people: 102€ per person

- Groups in between 4 and 6 people: 107€ per person

Additional Information:

- The spicy gymkhana includes 3 rewards in total per person: 1 erotic waffle, and 2 drinks in each of the other bars.

- All thematic restaurants have an open bar during dinner of sangria, beer and soft drinks. It will end in the desserts.

- Minimum 4 people.


Can pregnant people enjoy this pack?

Of course! Except if you are very far along in your pregnancy, because you will have to walk from one bar to the next.


What about minors?

Minors can participate in the beauty party and the spicy gynkana as long as they are over 14 years old and drink soft drinks during the activity. They cannot attend the themed dinner, since it is held inside a party room and minors are not allowed.


Can we do these activities on Friday

No because the gymkhana and the restaurants are only available on Saturdays


Can we go in disguise?

You can go dressed up to the gymkhana and during dinner. At the end of the show, after the desserts, costumes are not allowed in the disco.


We have people with food allergies, can the menu be changed?

For people with food intolerances or allergies, the menu can be adapted. You will have to notify us when making the reservation.

And if you want to celebrate a complete party full of fun, combine this activity with one of the more than 100 options that we offer on our website. A wide variety of activities at the best price. Limo ride, group courses, stag parties ... and much more!


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