Let yourself be advised by a personal shopper and get the best out of your external beauty

We bring you the opportunity to enjoy a unique activity, where you will learn everything you need about style and makeup. You will be accompanied by a Personal Shopper who will attend to your needs at all times. She will previously study your tastes, lifestyles, body type and colourimetry.

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Tired of your clothes and not knowing what to wear? That is because you haven´t participated in our image and makeup workshop yet. It is one of our most requested activities, where you can learn everything you need about makeup and styling, designed exclusively for you.

Change your lifestyle and learn to pamper yourself!


Activity description: Personal appereance and makeup worshop

Length: 2 and a half hours approximately (depends on the number of attendees)


- Groups of 3 to 6 participants: € 40 / person.   - Groups of 7 to 10 participants: € 35 / person  

Additional information:

- This activity requires a maximum number of 8 people during the pandemic.   - You do not have to wear your makeup for the session, we will leave you everything you need there.  


 personal appereance and makeup worshop

The styling and makeup workshops are essential to learning how to dress. At Despedidas BIG we have a special activity for groups that want to learn everything about styling and makeup, for every day and also for a special occasion. All this is accompanied by fun. We offer you a magical workshop that will change your way of seeing fashion and is perfect for any occasion.

With this activity, you will not only learn all the secrets of the world of fashion and makeup, but also the different clothes and colours that suits you the best. You will exchange comments and anecdotes about your fashion tastes, and a specialist will comment on the garments that best suit you. Everything is organized specially for you to have a different plan and the best time.

A magical and fun day!

How does the activity work? 

You go into a store,  choose a garment that you like and looks spectacular on a mannequin, but when you try it on, you are disappointed ... And the same with makeup products ... This has happened to you on more than one occasion, right?

It turns out that we all have our natural harmony, based on which we can choose the colours that make us look spectacular, and avoid those that don´t suit us.

During this workshop, we will learn to understand and better combine colours and textures. We will carry out a study so that you know what colours make you look spectacular, both in style and makeup.

What is included?

1. The throry of color

We all belong to a season: spring, fall, summer or winter. Within each type of season, there is a group of colours that suit us and others that we must avoid.

We will carry out a colour study of each of the attendees. During this workshop, you will learn the basics of colour theory that you can apply on any occasion. We will see the colours that suit you and which ones you should avoid.

2. Morphological study

We all belong to one of the five groups of silhouettes. We will analyze the shape of your body to define the type of silhouette you have. From there we will see with examples the types and cuts of garments that will make you look spectacular, and those that you should avoid because they don´t suit you.

You will learn which parts of your body you should highlight and which you can make less visible to get the most out of it. In this way, you will learn to enhance your best features and hide what you like least;)

3.Colour in makeup

Makeup, like fashion, is one more complement that helps to highlight each one personal´s style.

We will do an EXPRES makeup applying the colour theory and define which colours are the most flattering for each occasion. In this way, you will learn professional tips and tricks to create a spectacular look throughout your outfit.

Also, you will know how to improve your mood with makeup;)

Once you know which colours suit you the most, you will see how there are garments in your wardrobe that have not been used for years, and you can still take advantage of them. Take advantage of all the information in the class to make purchases smarter and that better fit you.

We will define the tastes and needs of each group to suit you. This class is ideal to spend entertaining time with friends or as a gift for a bachelorette party.

Additional information:

- There is the possibility of including a photographic session (5 group photos) so that they can take a nice souvenir for a price of € 50 per group.

- It is advisable to go with your face free of makeup, but it is not mandatory, since there you can also remove your makeup before starting the session.

-The session includes a glass of cava and snacks as a gift for each of the workshop attendants.


Can minors carry out this activity?

Yes, no problem. It is an activity suitable for all audiences.


Does the session include photos?

No, but we give you the possibility to include a photo session (5 group photos) so that you can make a nice souvenir for a price of € 50 per group.


When can the activity be carried out?

It can be done from Monday to Sunday, as long as there is availability, don´t miss your spot!


We are less than three people, can we still contract the activity?

Yes, but the price per person will increase since the minimum to be able to carry out this activity is 3 people.


Do we have to bring our own makeup?

Needless. There you will be provided with all the necessary products for the completion of the course. They are all included in the price.


Can this workshop be held during the pandemic?

Yes, always maintaining the necessary security measures, in terms of capacity and number of people per group.

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