Evil fun. One of the best shows in Madrid.

    High quality food in Madrid
    Open bar + 1 drink by choice after dinner
    Shows: Drag Queen, Actors ´draculin´ and ´Frankenstein´ and a striptease for the bachelors.
    From 21:30 to 00:00.
    Area: Moncloa.


    per person



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    Everything is planned out for you to have a fun night while our quirky characters create a terrifying but funny atmosphere. Located in the centre of Madrid. After dinner the restaurant turns into a night club where you can party till 6am.

    There will be an open bar with free sangria, beer and soft drinks during dinner, after dinner you will receive a free drink by choice.

    A funny and spicy show for everyone. What more could you ask for?

    Optional erotic show.

    Special Menu

    Spanish Iberian ham
    Iberian ham with acorn.
    Manchego cheese.
    Nice crispy pie.
    Pasta salad with balsamic vinegar.

    MAIN COURSE (by choice)
    Chicken in candied onions and baked potatoes .

    Baked hake.

    White asparagus, smoked salmon and lettuce mix.

    Chocolate and strawberry tart

    Free beer, sangria, soft drinks, mineral water, juices, etc.

    Dinner + All Shows € 33
    Dinner + All Shows + 1 drink € 37
    Dinner + All Shows + 1 glass and invitation to boyfriend or girlfriend per 8 people 40 €


    Why a theme restaurant?
    This is an original and fun way to celebrate your Stag or Hen party, it´s perfect to celebrate in style and there is nothing better than celebrating your bachelor party with other groups of girls and guys who are doing the same thing. This is restaurant is something you have never seen before.
    What kind of shows are there?
    We have a little of everything. There are comedy show and the restaurant and our actors are dressed as scary characters. We have show´s with both male strippers as female strippers. All shows will be preppy and you will not be forced into anything that you do not feel like doing.
    Is it mandatory to participate in the show?
    NO it´s not. It is just about having a good time. During shows you can go and sit wherever you want or even leave the room if you don´t want to see this show.
    Where are the restaurants?
    All our restaurants are located in downtown areas. Our horror and humor restaurant is in the area Moncloa, well connected with the metro and bus lines. You could stay there all night because after dinner the restaurant turns into a nightclub.
    What time is dinner?
    The dinner in this restaurant starts at 21:45. During the dinner you will get free beer, sangria and soft drinks and after dinner we invite you to a drink.
    How erotic is erotic?
    In our restaurant, we have a spicy touch to brighten the evening, but if you don´t want to be part of the shows of our boys and girls will not force you. The goal is to have fun and we guarantee that everything is done with respect. Erotic means spicy, different, entertaining
    What happens after dinner?
    After dinner we turn the restaurant into a nightclub till 6am. If you would like to go to another club we can arrange everything for you.
    Have more questions?
    Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have regarding our restaurant. In the bottom of the website you will find a contact form. If you are in a hurry, you can always call us or connect to our chat.

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