Best themed restaurant in town. Bachelors dinner and disco in the same room.

Chosen by our clients as the best thematic restaurant in Madrid. Includes dinner with open bar of beer, sangria and soft drinks + entertainment + disco until 06:00 with 1 drink. If you are 15 or more in your group, the groom or bride to be will go free. Book now your dinner with a show at the most varied and fun restaurant for bachelors parties in Madrid! NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT!

per person starting at
FROM 21:00 TO 6:00





The most requested themed restaurant in Madrid

You can find the Flowerpower Restaurant in the heart of the city, well connected with train and metro stations, leisure areas and bars. Opening on Saturday nights to offer you the best-themed dinner in the capital and, for those who keep wanting to party you can stay at the disco, in the room itself, until six in the morning.

Dinner and party in the same place, without having to travel, so that you can dedicate yourselves to laugh, enjoy and have a great time.

NEW: This season Flower Power restaurant is colaborating with This is Hollywood restaurant! The perfect combination to have fun and play games.

Activity description: Flowerpower restaurant

Location: sala Cats located in Julian Romea, 4.

Schedule: Saturday, 21:00.

Duration: from 21:00 pm to 00:00 pm (aprox.) - disco until 6:00.

Price: 49€ per person.


- Disco and dinner at the same lounge

Open bar of beer, sangria and soft drinks during dinner.

Presenter, karaoke, drag queen, choreography, shows, participatory games and, optional, female stripper show.

1 drink at the disco.

Additional information:

OFFER: 1 person free by bringing 11 or more.

- Minors are not allowed

- NEW: VIP TABLE with welcome champagne glass. 55€ per person (limited seating)

- After dinner, costumes are not allowed in the nightclub.


Flowerpower restaurant with animation for bachelor parties

Despedidas Big gives you the opportunity to celebrate your bachelor, bachellorete  or mixed parties in one of the best-known themed restaurants in Madrid.

You will coincide with many more groups of bachelors, who will be enjoying as well the best party plan in Madrid, consisting of a delicious dinner combined with the best shows and games.


Show begins the very first moment you access the room, where one of our colleagues will welcome you. From that moment on you'll enter the kingdom of fun, where you'll be surrounded by a lot of revelry, surprises and a huge desire to have a great time.

you will enjoy games, contests, auditions, congas, songs and a lot of humorous shows by the hands of our presenter and his assistants. In addition, during the dinner, the most glamorous and fun Draggs will be visiting you.


What is included?

Dinner with open bar of beer, sangria and soft drinks + entertainment + disco until 6 am with 1 drink.

Presenter, karaoke, drag queen, choreography, shows, participatory games and, optional, female stripper show.


Menu (Dishes may vary according to the season)

- Starters (to share): 

Assortment of Iberian products: ham, salami, chorizo and stuffed loin.

Vegetable tempura.

Manchego cheese.

Caesar Salad.

Galician pie.

- Second course to choose:

Entrecot point of firewood.

Iberian tenderloins.

Emperor or Basque hake.

- Dessert.

-Drink: Open bar of beer, sangria and soft drinks (during dinner).

1 free drink on the nightclub.


Additional information:

To contract this activity it is necessary to pay an amount as a reservation, the rest will be paid in cash on the day of the event.

If you are 15 or more people in the group, one of them will go free.

Confirmation of the number of attendees, at the latest, the Wednesday before the event, at 7 p.m. If it is not notified, the entrance of the person who has reserved and cannot attend must be paid (consult purchase conditions).

Entrance is not allowed, neither to the dinner nor to the disco, to people under 18.

Furor Bachelor and bachelorette parties

Our Flower Power restaurant includes many games,  among them are the mythical musical games, collective karaoke, singing in a fury style like the famous television program.

You won´t get bored in our restaurant!




Why choose a theme restaurant?

For your party to be original and fun, the idea is to celebrate it in style, and nothing better than a themed dinner in which you will coincide with other groups who are also celebrating and are eager to have a great time.


What types of shows are there?

The Flowerpower restaurant has a varied show, full of participatory games, paying special attention to the honorees, so that they have an unforgettable memory the night.


Is there an erotic show?

No, there is not


What time is dinner?

You are called at 9:00 p.m. in the room.


Can the menu be changed?

The menu offered by the theme restaurants is closed, so it is the same every week, although it may vary on specific occasions. You will choose the second course on the day of the event, the waiters will come to the table to consult you.


What about people with allergies and food intolerances?

Although the menu is closed, don't worry, it can be adapted. Of course, it is important that you communicate it when making the reservation so that you can transfer it to the restaurant in advance.


Can we dress up with costumes?

You can go to the restaurant in costume, but after dinner, the nightclub is under the control of the owners. According to the rules, we have to inform you that you cannot enter the disco in disguise. To prevent, we recommend that you bring something to change and leave it in the closet.


What can we do after dinner?

After dinner and the shows, you are invited to party in the room itself, since it becomes a disco until 6:00 a.m. If it does not fit you, you can look for another alternative, but do not forget that you have a free drink and that most, if not all, those who attend dinner also stay at the disco afterwards.


Do you have any offer for the disco drinks?

One of our colleagues will be waiting for you at the door of the room to welcome you, to finalize the pending payment and to assign you your table. It will be to him, at that moment, who you will have to indicate how many glasses you want to buy for the disco (at a special price). After that moment the offer will not be available and you will have to pay for the drinks at the disco at their usual price.

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