Choose your moment! Let yourself go, dive in and enjoy. Without a doubt, a well-deserved rest!

Let yourself be pampered and forget for a while about the stressful preparations for your big day. What better way than to do it accompanied by your friends in our wellness center.

per person starting at
maximum 8




Disconnecting from the routine and wedding preparations is always necessary. At Despedidas BIG we encourage you to do it in our wellness centre located in the Puerta del Sol area in Madrid. An ideal plan to improve the quality of life by pamper yourself with the best treatments.

In our facilities we have a 60-minute circuit through which you can relax with the properties of the Turkish bath, the different jets of water in the Jacuzzi, eliminate toxins in the Ofuro ...

Let yourself go and enjoy!


Activity description: Sol Spa

Location: Madrid downtown area.


- Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

- Sundays from 12 to 20 hours.

Duration: From 60 minutes, it will depend on the chosen pack.

Price: We have several options:

- Pack 60 min spa circuit + 25 min massage: € 39 per person from Monday to Thursday. € 45 per person from Friday to Sunday.

- Pack 60 min spa circuit + 50 min massage: € 55 per person from Monday to Thursday. € 60 per person from Friday to Sunday.

- 50-minute massage: € 39 per person from Monday to Thursday. € 45 per person from Friday to Sunday.

Additional Information:

- For the weekends it is necessary to hire one of the 2 available packs. During the week you can only do the spa or only the massage.

- Minimum groups of 4 people, maximum 8.

- From Friday to Sunday, groups of 2 people are allowed, who have to hire one of the packs offered.



Inspired by Japanese tradition and capable of providing all the benefits of hydrotherapy, it is an oasis of relaxation. Come and relax with us in an environment of the highest quality and harmony in the centre of the city. We have different treatments to help you release tension and disconnect from the routine that generates so much stress.

Come, take off your shoes, enjoy the perfume and the sound of the water ...


What is the dynamics of the activity?

In Japanese culture, the use of the hot tub is a very popular family rite. Every day, members of a household use it before going to sleep after the workday to relieve tension and facilitate rest.

The Ofuro ritual is simple: first, you have to take a cold bath and then step into a cedar bathtub filled with hot water, at a temperature that ranges between 40 and 42 degrees. A hot bath in the hot tub helps eliminate toxins, relax muscles, stimulate circulation, and purify the body and soul.

At Despedidas BIG we want to offer you the possibility of experiencing it and that is why we have prepared some packs with the necessary treatments.

Complete relaxing circuit of 60 minutes composed of:

- Steam room

- Turkish bath

- Jacuzzi

- Cold pool

- Ofuro

- Restroom


*The massage can be 25 or 50 minutes per person. If you are a large group, the massages may be performed in 2 batches.


Additional Information:

- We always recommend arriving 10 minutes before the reserved time so that you can change and enjoy the full time of the service.

- The only thing you have to wear is a swimsuit or bikini and a rubber band to collect your hair if it is long. No swimming cap is necessary.

- The spa will provide you with a bathrobe per person and a pair of slippers for access to the facilities.



Onsen Circuit of 1 hour + Massage of 25 minutes: € 39 / person from Monday to Thursday. € 45 / person from Friday to Sunday Onsen Circuit of 1 hour + Massage of 50 minutes: € 55 / person from June to Thursday. € 60 / person from Friday to Sunday. 50-minute massage: € 39 / person from Monday to Thursday. € 45 / person from Friday to Sunday.

Is there a changing room with a shower?

Yes, the spa has a changing room where there is a shower and bath gel.


Is there a maximum number of attendees?

You can go up to a maximum of 8 people in each shift.


Can pregnant women attend?

t is not advisable for pregnant women to access the Spa.


Can we bring our bikinis?

You can wear the swimsuit you want. Swimsuit or bikini.


Do all the members of the group have to take the same option?

No, some people can choose one package and others another.


Is the Spa open during weekdays?

Yes, this spa located in the Sol area is open from Monday to Sunday, morning and afternoon. Ask us for availability and book your turn now!

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